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    INSUN's API Requirement


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    INSUN's API Requirement Empty INSUN's API Requirement

    Post by Pekay Wed 11 Feb 2015, 11:47 pm

    INSUN Requirement

    INSUN asks that all Members agree to provide their Star Citizen API Code when the Persistent Universe (PU) goes live.

    What Is An API Code?

    An API Code is NOT your account login name or password!  INSUN will NEVER ask for your account login name or password!.  Under no circumstances should you ever provide your account login name or password to ANYONE!

    What INSUN asks for is an API Code (i.e. Application Programming Interface code).  This code (once CIG finalizes it) will allow INSUN's Personnel Dept to inspect information attached to an account.  An API Code does NOT allow anyone to in any way change anything on that account.

    To use an analogy, an API code allows someone onto your front doorstep to look in the window and see who and what is in the house.  The front door remains firmly locked and barred.  It's a case of being able to look but not touch.

    Why INSUN Asks Everyone For An API Code

    Unfortunately, in the online gaming world, some people are prone to lying and/or enjoy stealing from or causing grief for the other people in the gaming groups they join.  We can't change that.  We can however try to do our very best to try to protect the good and honest majority in our Star Citizen gaming group.

    We ask for an API Code from each and every person (including me) in order to protect YOU!

    It's a case of asking everyone who joins INSUN to start that relationship openly and honestly, and without dirty hidden secrets.

    Through the use of API Codes (and other public searches), INSUN hopes that we will be able to see directly, or gain clues that point toward, behaviours and/or associations that are unwanted in INSUN, such as:

    • hidden memberships in pirate orgs, scam/thieving orgs, or orgs that compete directly with INSUN in the PU (i.e. think spies and informants - espionage);
    • a wallet balance or assets that suddenly appear without reasonable explanation and which coincides with the time someone leaves an org (i.e. think in-org thieves);
    • criminal/pirate attacks on random haulers and peaceful miners (i.e. think opportunistic people who will take anything if they think they will not be caught - also think of people who might damage your reputation through association).

    At this stage the Star Citizen API and the PU are not finished and live.  We therefore cannot say exactly what info we will and will not be able to obtain from API inspections.  Based on what CIG has said todate, we do expect an API inspection to be a useful tool to have in our kit for trying our very best to protect our Members from unwanted scams, attacks and grief.

    Further, the best starting position for any new relationship is being open and honest, and not keeping secrets from the outset.  Therefore, irrespective of any debate of the final form and content of the Star Citizen API, INSUN requires all Members to agree to provide their API Code when the PU is running.  This is a function of CIG telling us that piracy, thieving and espionage will have a place in the PU, combined with over 10 years of Eve Online showing us firsthand how some people like to play their online games.

    We hope that you understand, and please be assured that we do this in a very evenhanded way in order to protect YOU and all INSUN Members.

    INSUN's API Policy

    INSUN's policy regarding asking for API Codes is as follows:

    (WHO): all INSUN Members will be asked to provide an API Code

    (WHEN): on the commencement of the PU

    (WHY): for group security and counter-espionage reasons (see above)

    (INFO GATHERED): all info available through API will be inspected, including: memberships, kills, wallet balance, nature of assets

    (PRIVACY): such information will be available to only those with a NEED TO KNOW, and that means only the INSUN Personnel Dept Executive Managers who are actively involved with recruitment (the information will not be shared with anyone else inside or outside INSUN)

    (INFO STORAGE): such information will be stored solely within the restricted access section of these forums, which may be accessed only by those individual Executive Managers who are members of the INSUN Personnel Dept

    (INSUN Personnel Dept Membership): membership of the Personnel Dept is strictly by invitation only (volunteering is not possible), and such invitation is limited to a small number of persons (no more than 12 - allowing a max of 4 per each of the 3 major timezones), and such invitation occurs only after an individual has clearly demonstrated commitment of time, effort and honesty - FURTHER, continued membership of the INSUN Personnel Dept relies on and continues only for so long as the individual continues to actively assist with recruitment advertising and application checking

    INSUN's  Personnel Service Members

    The INSUN Personnel Service usually comprises around only half a dozen (6) individuals and if anyone is concerned the list of names can and will be provided.

    As at this date (28 January 2017), the INSUN Personnel Service comprises only 4 individuals (we are not collecting or checking API Codes at this time), namely: Pekay, Bumble, Adams02, J-D-B

    At this time the checks that we are doing include:
    * Citizen Dossier
    * RSI Profile
    * RSI Forum Posts
    * Internet Searches
    * Recruitment Questionnaire Responses

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