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    Core Values, Structure, Purpose

    INSUN Admin
    INSUN Admin

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    Core Values, Structure, Purpose Empty Core Values, Structure, Purpose

    Post by INSUN Admin Thu 24 Sep 2015, 1:55 am


    Hardcore, Regular, Casual Gaming - INSUN welcomes "hardcore", "regular" and "casual" gamers. We will not judge you or try to change how often you play, whether that's once a month or 24/7. Only YOU can decide whether YOU have the time to play a PC game. In return we ask that you respect your fellow Members and don't expect other individuals to keep the same hours as yourself. That said, yes we do hope to continue recruitment so INSUN has a 24/7 presence in the Star Citizen Persistent Universe (whatever time we play, we hope to have others online to play with). Additionally, while we will not foster elitism within INSUN or bash PC gamers with military-styled orders, we will have information and ops available so people can play the game optimally. Equally, we will also have casual ops during which folks can dabble and stuff around with a drink in hand.

    Depts Don't Define Members - INSUN has multiple Activity Depts to better enable Members to specialize (if they want), share information and organize group ops. HOWEVER, Members can join any or all Depts and then chop and change between Dept group ops as they want. At the end of the day, our Depts are organizational tools. Being, or not being, an official participant of any Dept does NOT define what INSUN Members may, or may not, do in Star Citizen. When people join INSUN, they join the entire org and not some smaller subgroup (and this will hold true whether we are an org of 100 or 1,000 people). To put it another way, our Depts are organizational tools and not boxes into which people are stuffed.

    Co-operative Depts - INSUN's Depts are, by design, inter-dependent and not self-sufficient. No Dept will survive or operate in isolation. Co-operation and a close working relationship between our Depts is intentional and desired. This co-operation is organized at the Executive rank in our Executive Council. Co-operative plans and strategies are then fed along reporting lines to Managers, Senior Officers, Officers and Junior Officers.

    Teamwork, Co-operation & Calls To Arms - INSUN will not attempt to force Members to log on at any particular times.  HOWEVER, if INSUN Members are online, they will be expected to assist fellow Members in need and to join in co-operative group ops (irrespective of what Dept(s) "joined").  TEAMWORK is the beginning, the middle and the end of INSUN. We definitely do not want to be a chaotic rabble of randoms.

    INSUN Does Not Force People To Do What They Hate - While we expect all Members to co-operate and help the org and each other, INSUN will not force people to do things they actively hate doing. We will try hard to find palatable and appropriate ways for everyone to contribute.  For example, someone may hate mining asteroids but that person can still help in a group mining op by hauling, guarding, scanning, etc, etc.  

    Truly International - INSUN is an international group with Members from all major time zones around the globe. For organizational purposes we break down the 24 hour clock into 3 major time zones, namely: Australasia, EU/UK and N.America. Each of these major time zones have equal representation on the INSUN Executive Council. We address major issues and make significant decisions through the use of these INSUN Forums, and NOT voicecomms. It is not fair or reasonable to use voicecomms for such things (e.g. at any particular time, the chances are that some folks will be busy with work, family, sleep, etc). Yes, we do use voicecomms, but for the purpose of communicating in group ops between those Members who are online.

    Chain Of Command - We have a scalable organizational structure that will work for 100 or 10,000 people. We are not obsessed with ranks but we will be asking people to follow a chain of command so we can remain organized and efficient. Most importantly, this will also allow us to use a model of "many hands make for light work" and avoid burning-out any 1 person or small group.


    To some folks this may be a new experience and a wild ride.  To others, it's a tried and true method that we've used for many years and have improved yet further for Star Citizen. Core Values, Structure, Purpose Icon_biggrin


    Folks do not have to have been a member of an InterSun (or similar) community in another game to rise in the INSUN ranks.  We strive to be a meritocracy and promote those who genuinely want to help the team, who are willing to learn/work and who embrace the INSUN values. Core Values, Structure, Purpose Icon_biggrin 


    For anyone wondering how this stacks up with the fact that we're open to casual, regular and hardcore players ...

    * Junior Officers to Senior Officer range from CASUAL to REGULAR commitment.
    * Mangers need to have REGULAR commitment.
    * Executives and Directors need to provide a HARDCORE commitment.

    INSUN Leaders must be active.  INSUN will not be allowed to be rudderless.  Leaders who become absent or disinterested will be moved to a new position suitable for the level of commitment provided to INSUN.  Core Values, Structure, Purpose 2105972275 


    So what does HARDCORE mean to us? When the PU arrives (not now), it will mean:
    - playing the game regularly (every few days, not once a week/fortnight)
    - checking our INSUN Forums several times a week (preferably once a day)
    - participating in and helping to organize group ops
    - advising the org if taking a holiday or if RL demands will be taking you away for a short period
    - playing the game informed and based on information (not winging it by the seat of your pants)

    CASUAL gamers are very welcome in INSUN, but we can't have "casual leaders". Happy

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